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Transdev’s Digital Transformation Story

Transdev had an initiative based on staff feedback and rail industry good practice for assessment of.

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Transdev Ireland


2015 – Present


Global Light Rail Award 2017

Best Practice

Best Practice Initiative

Transdev had an initiative based on staff feedback and rail industry good
practice for assessment of competence, working towards a continuous
assessment process. The idea was to give drivers more support and
coaching with the assessors / Team Leaders being out in the field for 80%
of their role, rather than through a standard “two yearly assessment”.

Against former paper based processes Transdev could not have done
a continuous assessment process that requires Team Leaders out in
the field. The previous processes were heavily office based on follow
up of assessment and did not give at hand data for a risk-approach to
competence of drivers. This technology solution has improved how
Transdev deal with safety related incidents and competence management
both real time and holistically.


The Solution Developed

The first element of the solution is a mobile application designed, using Googles material design concept. The mobile application allows the team in Transdev to access all the relevant and operational data to run their business while mobile & in the field.

Driver team managers now have the ability to carry out:

Recording of incidents/absence
Create incident reports
Capture electronic signatures
Management Dashboard

The Dashboard

The second element of the solution is a web-based database, running in the Microsoft Cloud, which is directly linked to our service delivery application (SDA). All data recorded on the app is instantly saved to the database.

This shows real time information to the Transdev senior management team through powerful dashboards which are run on a SQL Azure engine, all of which can offer reports on incidents & generate actions that require instant follow ups from our driver team managers.

Management Reporting

Report on specific KPIs

Real-time Reports

Interactive Reports

Power BI Reports

Reports are powered by Microsoft PowerBI

Extensive API Integration

Transit9 connects to external system for operation wide reporting.

Client Success

The Results

These new systems will allow the service delivery department
to invest more hours in the field, to offer coaching & training
to our driver grade which is provided for under our continuous
assessment procedures. These revolutionary yet simple & user
friendly mobile and web based applications will greatly assist
Transdev in our continuous drive on improving our safety
footprint in the services we provide to our customer passenger
base & client in the light rail industry within the Dublin transport

Both the Transit9 & Transdev teams really believe that this
exciting project has only just begun and that by building and
implementing these systems, we are moving away from hours
following up with sometimes unnecessary paperwork. Theses
essential tools will allow our teams to work smarter and focus
our time and hours in the further growth of our business.

Our new mobile applications model allows team managers to work smarter and deliver real time data to our senior management team

Keith HobbsOperations Team Manager

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